Latest WAG-ather Christie exploits from Coleen Rooney grips the nation, but why?

OK, we all like a bit of gossip and the juicier the better. Through advances in communications, such as through our smartphones we have developed insatiable appetites to know what is going on. Seemingly the more information we can lay our hands on the better. But, why can we not draw the line with certain subjects – I mean a footballers wife’s spat with another footballers wife, like really!?

As a media Inspire Kent should probably have its hands slapped for challenging the very thing that is gripping the nation and driving media web page views but we cannot help but dip our heads in shame that this is what our glorious country has come too!

Now for sure it appears there could be a twist in the tal between who was in fact the whistle blower as the accused, Rebekah Vardy (also a footballers wife), swears her Instagram has been hacked. On face value this would make sense as its odd that as someone plush with case already would want to share confidential insight with the tabloids. Fellow WAG Danielle Lloyd also waded into the drama during an appearance on This Morning, claiming to have had “similar run-ins” with Rebekah. So still this drama rumbles on in the press and we seemingly cannot get enough!

We followed others lifes long before the internet, only back then it was fake!

There seems to have been a shift over the years, rewind a decade or so ago and TV soaps were all the rage from Coronation Street to Emmerdale, and although these still stutter on their roles in society is deminished.

Once we would all sit around the television to see Ken and Dierdre Barlow on Coronation Street and find out what has been going on. We enjoy the drama of it all – and nothing has changed there.

We are even gripped by fake Soap star life’s!

What has changed is now we hang off all the gossip from reality stars and celebrities – and that includes footballer wives. We are suckers for gossip wherever it comes from!

But maybe there is an underlying problem with us as a developed nation, I mean developing countries fighting for food, shelter and drink have bigger issues to contend with. Isn’t it frightening that when these basic needs are fulfilled we then turn to events like what’s happening with Coleen Rooney?! It beggars belief that this is what advancement in civilization looks like.

Can we break these ‘bad’ habits?

The question is whether we acknowledge this is a bad habit, some may call it harmless fun to add a bit of spice to our lives. But, that is the point, through living other peoples lives – whether that by Coronation Street or a footballers wives – stops us focusing on our own.

Life can be a tad mundane at time, that beaten path of work or getting the kids to school and such. Yes essential to survive but even more need to then make the most of your leisure time. If we shunned celebrities, TV soaps, reality stars and focused on our immediate friends now wouldn’t that be better?

Create our own stories rather than living off the gossip of others.

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Dan is Managing Director for Inspire Kent and Choice Group Asia Media Group, which includes some of the biggest media for foreigners in Thailand.

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