Have we become a dumbed-down generation?

Inspire loves to hear what people have to say and when we received this guest blog from Sarah Turner, we sat up and took notice. Could it be she says what many of us are scared to address – or have we got it wrong. We are a media not scared to give the every day person a platform to share a balanced opinion. We run the risk otherwise of MSM taking an ideological strong hold. Anyway, have a read and you decide…

“I took the London commute into work surrounded as always by fellow passengers glued to their phones – don’t get me wrong I am a victim of the smartphone too, I think we all recognise the issues – there were a few talking about Love Island and that was pretty much the sum total of activity for the journey.

It was published earlier back in 2017 by the Daily Mail that teenagers now aspired to be ‘content creators’ in the form of YouTubers, in fact 75% said that to be the case.

Where did it all go wrong and why?

In regards to the smartphones I can’t help but think we are a transitional generation – that generation addicted and compelled to using this new experience – and as yet we have not worked out how to control the habit.

And to spend your limited leisure time watching something as tripe as Love Island, well I feel like ending it all now! How can we do this to ourselves?

As a developed country we have come so far and proudly, for such a small island, we stand tall among other nations; but the way us masses behave now it is no wonder the Chinese and other such countries are over taking us.

We also seem to have become an even bigger push over by the influence of media and what they have to say – we are turning into lemmings with delusional and misguided musings into believing we call the shots and have our own opinions.

I am absolutely for equality and think as a country we have been a driving force, but positive discrimination in the UK seems to rule the roost with the typical person in the street not sure what they can and cannot say with fear of offending someone.

It is barmy and we are letting it all happen – is it any wonder we have little choice but to put our heads down (straight into our smartphone) to escape the risks. I mean how can it be right that families can bring their kids up gender neutral this day – are we forgetting we are just a species like a dog or monkey, and they seem pretty OK with being assigned a ‘male’ or ‘female’?

My rant goes further than allowing society to dumb us down, limiting and controlling how we think. We are seemingly losing the plot on the plight for many things and we are letting it all happen through dumbing ourselves down and/or just refusing to get involved.

If we could learn to put our smartphones out of sight and become more engaged in everything around us, surely we could take back a bit more control of things?”

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Dan is Managing Director for Inspire Kent and Choice Group Asia Media Group, which includes some of the biggest media for foreigners in Thailand.

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