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Defibrillators For All – let’s start a campaign

If making life-saving machines readily available is a good idea (and we're sure it is) shouldn't more be done?

About a month ago I reported that the village of Aylesham had installed several defibrillators and praised them for it. The villagers, in tandem with local businesses, had raised the money themselves.

Now, I’m hearing that the builder Taylor Wimpey South East has donated one of the life-saving machines to Rolvenden as part of the company’s scheme of giving a machine to each community in which it builds. So, big praise also to that company.

I have no wish, whatsoever, to detract from Taylor Wimpey’s largesse, but I would pose the question: Should the installation of such machines in towns and villages throughout the county/country really be left to the generosity of companies or the determination of local communities?

Surely, the answer has to be ‘no’. Your chances of surviving a life-threatening heart incident shouldn’t really be down to which postcode you are in.

Here’s a thought. If your local council were to tell you it was adding £1 to your rates to allow them to install such machines much more widely, who would object, remembering, of course, that you might be the one to need it one day? By the way, I have plucked the figure of £1 out of the ether. I don’t know the true sum involved.

Maybe we should start a Defibrillators For All campaign.

But, a bit more about the Taylor Wimpey donation. The builder has given a public access defibrillator (PAD) to the community in Rolvenden. In a joint initiative with the British Heart Foundation (BHF), the home builder is donating PADs to communities around the UK to help people who suffer from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. 

All Taylor Wimpey developments in the UK have a PAD on site and, now that work has finished at its Halden Field development, Rolvenden Parish Council and the residents of Rolvenden are the latest to be gifted this potentially life-saving equipment.

“This defibrillator will save precious time in the case of any life-threatening situations. The first few minutes are absolutely crucial in an emergency and I’d like to thank Taylor Wimpey for its generous donation in providing such an important piece of equipment to our village. It has been installed at the Bull Holiday Lodges along with extra lighting to make it extremely easy to access.”

Councillor Denise Curtain of Rolvenden Parish Council

Jason Stokes, sales and marketing director at Taylor Wimpey South East, said: “We’re proud to be working in partnership with the BHF in helping to ensure that more defibrillators are available for people who might need them. We’d like to thank Rolvenden Parish Council for its help in ensuring that the defibrillator is easily accessible and, while we hope it won’t need to be used very often, it’s reassuring to know that it’s there in the event of an emergency.”

To find out more about the other ways that Taylor Wimpey supports local communities, visit here.  For more information about the work of the BHF visit here. Taylor Wimpey is building new homes across the county. For further information about the homes and incentives available at these developments, visit here.  


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