Are we becoming a nation increasingly happy with singledom?

It was not long ago that most people were not only in a long term relationship by their early twenties, but married and with kids too. How things have changed.

The average relationship in the UK, according too voucherscodepro.com is 2 years and 9 months, so we are fairly particular on finding ‘The One’. But there are signs people in the UK are growing happier being alone.

Although there are 19-million families in the UK, there is growing numbers in those remaining single – and happy to be so.

There are now 7.7-million people living alone in the UK, up 16% comparing 1997 with 2017. Furthermore, 61% of females and 49% of males are happy to be single.

Overall, it appears that unattached Brits are in no rush to find a partner. As many as 70% of singles in the UK say they have not actively tried to find a partner in the last 12 months, rising to 75% of women.

No longer the pressure to get into a relationship

Today we have grown more confident of being single and forging ahead in life without the need of a relationship. The expectation that once existed to get married and settle down is no longer there from parents and society. Lifestyles have also changed and it is no longer an issue to do things like go to the cinema on your own.

It may also be healthier to be alone. In surveying more than 13,000 people between 18 and 64, researchers found that those who were single and had never married worked out more frequently each week than their married and divorced peers.

In a modern new world rule books of the past are being torn up and it does seem clear that although relationships are here to blossom, an increasing number of people are more than fine being single. In fact they are happy!

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