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Which are the UK’s most deal-savvy cities and towns?

The people of Maidstone do not rank highly – is that a sign that 'we are doing quite well, thank you?'

  • Maidstone folk are not overly fussed about chasing savings, ranking 71st out of the top 100 cities and towns in the UK;
  • Leicester is the most deal-savvy UK city, with 69.6% of people searching for discounts;
  • Slough is the least interested in savings as just 1.74% search for online deals each month;
  • Despite the average weekly salary in Newcastle being £140 less than the UK average, they put in the second least amount of effort to make savings;
  • 14% of Brits spend more than two hours searching for the latest deals weekly and save £9.50 per week!

With tons of new discount codes available each month for our favourite brands, millions of us take to Google to get our wish-listed products at a discounted price. But, which city or town is home to the most thrifty people? was keen to investigate who makes the most savings using these online offers.

After utilising Google Ads’ online search analytics tool, it can reveal which UK city/town is the most deal-savvy in the lead up to the Christmas holidays! also surveyed 3,480 shoppers to uncover British attitudes towards deals and discounts.

It discovered that those living in Leicester are the most dedicated to saving money! Each month, Leicester residents make 177,490 searches for ‘discounts’, ‘sales’ and other cost-reducing terms. A whopping 69.60% of online users in the city have looked for simple ways to save some cash.

In second place is Google users from Milton Keynes, with 46.39% keen to bag some savings! From Deliveroo to Curry’s, 75,620 searches are made each month from local residents eager to grab the latest deals.

Swansea locals are the third most deal-savvy in the country as 42.20% of them (51,900) scan for price-slashes online every month!

Following are Darlington, Dundee and Royal Leamington Spa where 41.99%, 40.03% and 39.21% of residents respectively are actively searching for ways to get money off each month.

Which UK cities/towns bid to save the least money?

Although many cities and towns across the UK have made changes to their lifestyles in a bid to save some pounds, others haven’t.

Slough is the least deal-savvy city/town. Despite bragging 5,150,000 Google users, just 89,510 searches are made each month from locals looking for brand discounts. Just 1.74% of Slough Google users look for cost-effective replacements using the internet.

Also among the least eager to save money are those living in Newcastle. By hunting for the latest price deductions, just 2.89% of online residents in the north-eastern city do their best to be frugal with money. Only 170,220 out of 5,880,000 online users make cost-efficient changes to their purchases.

Nottingham places in third as just 3.03% of locals have attempted to make savings using online codes. In total, 147,780 online searches are made each month out of a possible 4,880,000, proving that the people of Nottingham are among the least cost-conscious.

Following in fourth is the Welsh capital, Cardiff. Unfortunately, only 80,360 searches are made on average each month from citizens who are keen to bag some deals (3.96% of online users).

In fifth, sixth and seventh are Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol with 4.26%, 5.12% and 5.13% of residents searching for savings each month respectively.

Discount codes attitudes survey: was interested to understand Brits’ attitudes towards discounts. They surveyed 3,480 shoppers across the country and discovered the following:

  • Just 29% of Brits make a conscious effort to search for deals and discounts for products they’re buying in-store or online;
  • Of the 71% who don’t, 34% said it was because they can’t be bothered to search, 25% rarely find useful discounts, 19% forget to, and 7% were unaware they existed;
  • Most shoppers who search for discounts use them for food (83%);
  • Email discount codes and offers are among the most motivating for shoppers (64%);
  • Interestingly, just 17% of Brits don’t use discount codes because they’re embarrassed to do so;
  • 14% of Brits spend more than two hours every week searching for the newest bargains;
  • In total, those who search for discounts save £9.50 per week on average!

Methodology: OnBuy found the most populous 100 UK cities using and chose these cities/towns to analyse. They then used Google Adwords’ keyword planner tool to find the number of average monthly searches made for discount codes in the top 100 cities and town. The terms analysed include ‘discount’, ‘code’, ‘money off’, ‘voucher’, ‘sales’, ‘offers’, and ‘savings’. The number of monthly searches for each term was then added up to find the total number of searches. Following this, OnBuy used Google Adwords to discover the number of signed-in users on Google in each city. This number was then used to discover the percentage of people searching for deals in each city. also surveyed 3,840 shoppers living in the UK in October 2020 to discover their attitudes towards discounts. The questions asked included: Do you frequently search for online discounts? If no’, why? If ‘yes’, what do you most frequently use discount codes for? Which of the following marketing methods are most likely to make you use discount codes? How long do you spend searching for discount codes each week on average? How much do you save on an average week using discount codes?


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