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What does the population of Kent compare with across the world?

The population of Kent is 1.8 million, with the capital of Kent, Maidstone, home to over 113,000 residents. Maidstone perhaps not surprisingly has the biggest population in the county, followed by Gillingham with 104k and Dartford 87k population. All very interesting but we think these figures carry even more significance when compared with other populations across the world, for nothing more than pure curiosity.

For the record, Kent as a county represents 3.2% of England’s population (55.6million). It is also the 6th biggest region in England, with Greater London leading the way with 8.9million inhabitants. Hampshire (1.84m) and Essex (1.83m) compare with Kents figure.

If you look at America and their 10 most populated cities, if Kent was such a city there then it would be the 6th biggest. It edges cities such as Philadelphia (1.576million) and San Antonio (1.566million).

Kent is bigger than Philadelphia in America

Now if Kent was a standalone country it would be the 152nd biggest, below Latvia at 1.9million and above Bahrain at 1.6million. There are 233 countries in the world.

Just for fun, we took a look at football clubs social networks and shirt sales to see who compared with Kents 1.8million. Inter Milan has 1.6million Twitter followers, Chelsea sells 1.6million shirts a year whilst Barcelona sell 1.98million shirts each year. It’s worth mentioning, Manchester United lead the way in annual shirt sales at 2.8million each year which is quite staggering.

And there you have it, a mixed bag of comparisons to bring home what the figure of 1.8million really stands for across the world. But, for us, there is no place like home sweet home right here in Kent to be rubbing shoulders with the other 1,799,999 inhabitants!



Dan is Managing Director for Inspire Kent and Choice Group Asia Media Group, which includes some of the biggest media for foreigners in Thailand.

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