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Happy marriages (Pt 1): Places to avoid for a honeymoon

If you want you marriage to last, you might want to duck these destinations

  • The Maldives tops the list of unsafe honeymoon locations with 20% leading to divorce (620)
  • Second and third on the list is Marrakech and Bora Bora where 17% (527) and 13% (403) of honeymoon visitors now divorced
  • The safest bets to maintain your marriage are Nairobi, Maui, Napa Valley and Bangkok as only 1% (31) have ended in divorces
  • The second safest destination is Cancun with just 3% (93) of marriages splitting

Is planning your honeymoon getting you through these tough, unprecedented times? You’re not alone, as 27,000 Google searches are made globally each month for honeymoon destinations! With a recent survey from showing the most divorceable first wedding dance song (it was Little Things by One Direction), was intrigued to see which honeymoon destinations newly-weds are betting their luck on.

But where should you avoid? Which of these popular honeymoon destinations were most common among now divorced couples? sought to find out. They surveyed 3,100 divorced or separated people from around the world to find out where they went on their honeymoon. The results were intriguing.

Which honeymoon locations have led to the highest divorce rates?

LocationPercentage of couples who divorcedNumber of marriages split
Bora Bora13%403
Buenos Aires4%124
Napa Valley1%31
Dubrovnik was the place my first wife and I chose as our honeymoon destination. As the use of the word ‘first’ suggests, it didn’t last. Dubrovnik [Dreamer4787]_shutterstock – .jpg found that the Maldives tops the list, with 20% (620) of divorcees visiting the island for their honeymoon. Well known for its crystal-clear waters, it’s no surprise this is such a popular destination. But maybe you should rethink if it’s on the top of your list.

Famous for its Souk Semmarine, Marrakech is a very popular honeymoon location. It places second on the list with 17% (527) of separated and divorced couples having visited there for their wedding celebrations.

Placing third place on the list is the volcanic island of Bora Bora with 13% (403) of those who are now no longer with their partner having visited there for their honeymoon.

Known for its beaches and abundance of temples, in fourth place on the list is Bali. 10% (310) of people who visited this country for their honeymoon are now divorced or separated.

In fifth, sixth and seventh place are Mauritius, Lapland (217) and Santorini with 8% (248), 7% (217), and 5% (155) of people who visited these places are now divorced.

Bangkok [Southtownboy-Studio]_shutterstock.jpg

Statistically, the findings of show that Nairobi, Maui, Napa Valley and Bangkok are the safest bet to maintain marriage;  all only having 1% (31) ending in divorces. Mind you, we bet a few marriages have floundered after a visit to Bangkok though maybe not for a honeymoon.

The second safest honeymoon destination is Cancun with just 3% (93) of people who visited there for their big wedding day celebration now being divorced.


  1. First, gathered a list of the most popular honeymoon destinations, then surveyed 3,100 people to see where they went on their honeymoon, from this data could narrow it down to top 15.
  2. It then asked the 3,100 divorced or separated people where they went on their honeymoon. was then able to see the vacation destination where people were most likely to get divorced statically.

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