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The Magic of a Dickens Festival in Rochester

The stand out winner as an event on Inspire Kent every year is when a Dickens Festival is coming up, it attracts lots of interest from locals and, indeed, people from across the UK.

Rochester High Street, along with the picturesque Cathedral and Castle, creates a somewhat magical reinactment into what it may have looked like when Charles Dickens lived in Rochester back in the 19th Century.

Dickens Festival in full swing along Rochester High Street

It is one of only a very few events in the Kent annual calendar that has such broad appeal. From the traditional, family to a younger generation that just want a good time.

Why is Rochester connected to Charles Dickens?

Medway was a special place for Charles Dickens life and work. He spent 5 of his childhood years there between 1817 and 1822 and returned for the last few years of his life, in which he died at Gads Hill, Higham, in 1870.

Gads Hill where Charles Dickens once lived

What to expect at a Rochester Dickens Festival

Dickens Festival within the grounds of Rochester Castle

Twice a year Dickens enthusiasts, strolling players, re-enactors, Dickensian ‘characters’, not to mention a few oddballs, join the public in a festival to commemorate and celebrate the life of Charles Dickens. There is even a website dedicated to this called

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