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Send money using WhatsApp: New payment feature appears in latest update


Sending money via apps has been fairly common for a while and it seems that the option will soon be available to WhatsApp users.

Similar to PayPal, the new WhatsApp Payment feature will mean that you can repay your friends for meals, taxi fares or even a few drinks at the bar. The feature will be rolled out in UK in the next update with it being available in other countries shortly after.

This new feature was first spotted by WeBetaInfo who show a screenshot of the app using the United Payments Interface (UPI) for ‘immediate’ transfers. Sadly, little other information about the feature is available although it is expected to be available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Users of Facebook’s other chat app, Messenger, have already been able to transfer money to friends using the platform and Apple is also working on a similar function with its iMessage.

With the UPI system being something from the Reserve Bank of India it is somewhat surprising that it won’t be available in India first although the one billion active users of the service will no doubt welcome the move.

In other news regarding the platform, the ‘Unsend’ function now seems to well into the development stage which will again will be a relief to those who have unwittingly sent erroneous messages in the past. Instructions on how to delete sent messages were spotted on the WhatsApp support page but were swiftly taken down. This, again, will likely arrive in a future update.



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