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Where to Party in Medway in the early 1990’s

A Look Back at How It’s Changed

The Medway Towns can be defined by its Cathedral, Castle and also areas such as Chatham, that has come in from some stick over the years by those living in and around Kent. Its a hotchpotch of offering that in Rochester attracts tourists world over to quaint villages like High Halstow to Cliffe to, and yes we mention the area again, Chatham High Street on the other end of the spectrum. But where did the youngsters of Medway party back in the early 1990’s – was it as polarised as the region would suggest?

Gillingham Popular

Quite often the party was in nearby Gillingham, such as the Excaliburs or Avenue Nightclubs. The later is now a housing estate but back in the day it’s ‘pub style’ feel made it popular even on a Sunday.

In the heart of Gillingham another popular club – sorry the original name escapes me – set over two floors. It was a slightly rougher affair with a few fights part and parcel for a ‘good old night out’. With its kebab shop just a short stroll to finish the evening, this club still exists today under the name of ‘MooMoos’ (and before that ‘Bliss’).

Medway Valley Park

The Medway Valley Park arrived in Strood in the late 1980s and that saw the birth of the nightclub ‘Amadeus’, it was huge and became the number one club to go to. It was modern clubbing at it’s finest back then, it even had arcade machines and a burger bar area – and let’s not forget the VIP section at the top of the club that we all tried our best to get into.


Rochester still today remains the favourite location for most when it comes to wanting to have a night on the drink. The ‘Casino’ nightclub is still central to it all if you want to party into the early (-ish) hours and then the pub was formerly known as the ‘Norman Conquest’ – now the ‘Crown’ – was a good starting point to the start the evening.

Where to party in Medway back in the early 1990s…we were spoiled for choice!

If you wanted a ‘quick pull’ then you would visit the ‘Eagle Tavern’ located just by the Casino nightclub. It always had a DJ and so many stayed here until last orders. The one thing the ‘Eagle’ was not was classy, but it was, as we said, the place to go if you wanted a quick and easy, no strings attached ‘snog’!


When you had enough money to cover the expensive taxi trip, or you had a mate that didn’t mind driving, then Maidstone always made for a special night out. ‘Strawberry Moons’ was the top pub then, split over many two floors it was a fun place to be.

So in answer to the original question was the nightlife pretty polarised, the best answer would be it was ‘diverse’ and not really polarised after all high end did not – and probably still does not exist today – in Medway. You had you rough and ready places to go and your mainstreams.



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