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No question Netflix is entertaining, but here is another option for your FREE viewing pleasure

More often than not after a long day at work the idea of collapsing on your sofa and watching a movie is simply the first and only thing on your mind. It is certainly entertaining, we are not questioning that, but what if there was something else that could captivate your viewing attention?

Well there is, but until now its been hit or miss whether you can find what you really want to watch. We are talking about Vlogs. Some inspire and motivate, others are just funny people, whilst others have a touching story that initially pulls you in and then keeps you watching. What is great about a vlog is one exists exactly and specifically on something you would want to watch and that is not always the case with television or Netflix.

Now you can find just want you want to watch in a matter of seconds

This is where VlogMonkey comes to you aide as the site has surfed YouTube and extracted only the finest vloggers and organised their content into clear categories and channels, so you can find what you want within a matter of seconds.

Vlog Monkey – A new way to discover great vlogs

VlogMonkey redefines the vlogging world and viewing audience by aligning the experience more to a Netflix model, yet differentiates based on having a much wider range of content by virtue of how vlogs operate.

Once you find a selection of vloggers you like to watch it really will open up a new, enjoyable platform for you. You will wonder why you never got into watching vlogs earlier!

Get lost in the fun world of Vlog Monkey!

This is great news for anyone who just wants to watch great content but content absolutely refined to what they want to watch – and it is FREE.

Take a look for yourself at

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Dan is Managing Director for Inspire Kent and Choice Group Asia Media Group, which includes some of the biggest media for foreigners in Thailand.

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