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Nights Out Beyond The Pub: Unique Nightlife Options In Kent & London

Most people visiting the UK expect to find classic pubs and to be sure there are places that fit that description all over the place. But there’s more to the nightlife scene in urban areas in the UK than just these establishments. While you may sometimes be in the mood for a local place with comfort food and a chummy atmosphere, other occasions call for a place that’s trendier, livelier, or more elegant. So for anyone visiting the area (or even locals looking for new ideas), here are some more unique nightlife suggestions around the Kent and London areas.


The impressive Artisan

This cocktail bar in London is a modern, elite venue with high ceilings and an elegant atmosphere, as well as a bar counter that boasts at least 50 types of rum. It’s so posh that it’s consistently ranked as the world’s best bar. You’ll find Artesian on the ground floor of The Langham Hotel on Regent Street, as close as possible to its namesake, the nearly 400-foot-deep well underneath the hotel. And once there, you won’t want to leave. Yes, it’s a little upscale, and its reputation means that there’s usually something of a crowd. But there still aren’t too many better places for an alternative night out.

Grosvenor Casino in Kent

Anyone for some gambling?

Many in the UK and Ireland now favour gambling opportunities on the internet, whether for sports bettingcasino gaming, or anything similar. While that may lead some to assume real casinos have become obsolete though, this is not yet the case. Grosvenor’s Casinos, in particular, are still operational around the kingdom, and the one in Kent (Thanet, specifically) makes for a lovely option for anyone tired of the same old pubs. There are various gaming rooms, restaurants, and bars all on-site, making for a comprehensive night out.

The Laughing Heart

Swanky is just the word!

This late-night wine bar in Bethnal Green is open late and combines a drink menu with Chinese and Vietnamese food options. It’s swankier than most grungy, late-night pizza or comfort food joints, though the vibe is relaxed and contemporary. Rumour has it you can sometimes make friends with the bar’s sweet dog while you enjoy the venue, which only adds to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the place.

Tokyo Tea Rooms

Not to be confused with the “kaleidoscopic psych-pop” band of the same name, this Canterbury club has a crazy number of (surprisingly affordable) cocktails and on-site karaoke that’s tons of fun. The staff is friendly and helpful, all working around the motto that each meeting of friends only happens once and should be embraced. And you’ll have the time of your life on the dance floor. Simply put, this is a venue that wants you to cherish every moment of your time.

The list could continue, given that the truth is there are all sorts of unique and special nightlife options in this corner of Europe. For anyone specifically looking to avoid traditional pubs though, these are excellent options to start with

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