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Have your cake and eat it – but which one?

Carrot cake edges it for me, but I'm happy to go along with the nation's top choice

Today is National Cake Day. Yes, I know, it didn’t show up on my calendar either. Still, no reason to pass up on a bit of self-indulgence, huh? So, we ask what’s your favourite? Which type of cake makes you think that it would be a waste of a coffee break not to indulge?

Cheesecake has been voted Britain’s favourite cake, according to new research revealed to coincide with National Cake Day (November 26). It scooped 42% of the vote in a national poll conducted by food delivery app Foodhub, narrowly beating chocolate cake (41%) Victoria sponge (32%) and the brownie (31%). Bakewell tart (27%) and Christmas cake (24%) are among the nation’s other choices with souffle being the least popular with only 3% of the vote.

The study shows that 20% of the nation admits they eat cake every week, with a further 20% saying they now eat it two-three times a week. In addition, 30% of the nation confess they eat cake as a regular snack in-between meals, with 20% having cake around dinner time and 15% having it at supper time. And though four-in-10 Brits eat cake whenever they want, 30% save it as a treat for special occasions with only 13% having it as a dessert or pudding after a meal.

Wil Chung, Foodhub spokesman, said: “Brits love their cake. On average the UK is willing to spend £2.74 on a slice of cake, with 19% happy to spend up to £5 per slice if the cake is good enough. Most people we quizzed say cakes are more popular now than 10 years ago because they are more readily available in cafes than they used to be and the shops have better selection than 10 years ago.

“The pace of modern life means many say they don’t have time to make cakes so they prefer to buy them. And that is reflected in the fact that 14% admit they eat more cake than they did 10 years ago. O-in-10 Brits love their cake so much they’re reluctant to share it with anyone but, it’s refreshing to see that 42% of the country would share their last piece of cake with their partner, 18% with their child and 7% with their best friend.”

Cheesecake is the nation’s No 1 cake. Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

TODAY ONLY (November 26): To celebrate National Cake Day Foodhub is offering customers 20% off sweet treats at designated dessert shops on the Foodhub app – simply add code: CAKE2020 at the checkout*

So how do we like our cake? Well, over a third of the nation prefers their cake plain (37%) but a quarter of us enjoy it with cream and just one-in-10 Brits have it with custard. Cake with icing (34%) narrowly beats cake without icing (33%) as the UK’s preference.

Women are the UK’s main cake aficionados, according to the Foodhub poll of 2,000 adults. Not only do women eat more cake than men on a weekly basis, more of them also prefer to snack between meals on cake than their male counterparts. Men, however, are more likely to share cake with their partner (48%) than women (37%).

So, which area of the UK is the most cake-friendly? People in Yorkshire eat cake the most, according to the data –  tow-three times a week, with people in East Anglia eating cake the least. And there are other regional variations too. People in Brighton have revealed angel cake to be their favourite, whereas Liverpudlians prefer apple pie and people in Aberdeen rank carrot cake as their top choice. Maybe I should move there.

Chung added: “Our survey showed some distinct regional variations on our national cake eating habits. For instance, cake fans in Leeds are willing to pay the most for a slice of cake, £3.05 compared with Wolverhampton who will pay the least, on average £2.25 per slice. People in Gloucester say they eat more cake now than they used to, whereas people in Cambridge say they are eating less. Plymouth is the least likely to share cake with anyone compared with people in Coventry who are most likely to share their cake.” 


  1. Cheesecake (42%)
  2. Chocolate cake (41%)
  3. Victoria sponge (32%)
  4. Brownie (31%)
  5. Lemon cake (30%)
  6. Carrot cake (29%)
  7. Bakewell tart (27%)
  8. Apple cake/pie (25%)
  9. Christmas cake (24%)
  10. Black Forest gateau (22%)

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