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Inspire made its global launch in a small, yet vibrant,tourist town of Pattaya back in 2011. It was a product for the expats that lived there and its goal was to unmuddy the water so they knew exactly what was going on in town. The objective was to get the local expats doing more and maximizing all that was on offer around them, be that a new restaurant, water park, event or special offer that could make the most of.

Inspire Inspired – and here is why

It’s certainly not a world first to share what’s on around people, but Inspire did it in Thailand – it soon operated in regions throughout the country – with a little more smoothness than those before. Inspire sought to connect with its users on multiple platforms from websites, weekly eNewsletters, Apps, social networks, You Tube and video production, to even its own 24 hour TV channel in fitness centres. If there was a new opportunity to be creative and have fun then Inspire was first to do it, even launching its on Meal Deal Combo in a number of restaurants (see below). Inspire acted just how it wanted its customers to act, and that was to have fun, be creative and do more.

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What to Expect with Inspire?

Simple, expect the unexpected. The challenge now for Inspire in its UK launch, starting in selected regions in Kent, is to get people more into the mood of doing more with their leisure time. Life cannot be spent watching TV and maybe have a few friends round for something to eat. No, life is too short just to do this. Life is also far more than looking forward to your next vacation. Your vacation time can be all the time in and around your work. Inspire will try and share the magic of how working expats enjoy their time from working hours to leisure time.

To get things started, join our weekly eNewsletter. You can see the sign up box on the Inspire Kent website. That’s just for starters, as Inspire promises to bombard you with loads of ideas and suggestions – mixed up nicely with events and offers – so you and your family live life how you really want too.

More Examples of What Inspire did in Thailand

The Inspire App

Northern Soul Nights

Weekly Events Show on Radio and TV

Golfing Events

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Dan is Managing Director for Inspire Kent and Choice Group Asia Media Group, which includes some of the biggest media for foreigners in Thailand.

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