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Emerging holiday destinations for Brits in 2019

Traditionally there are the usual suspects when it comes to us Brits getting away for a summer holiday from Spain, Turkey to Greece; however increasingly newer areas are starting to emerge.

Faroe Islands

Blessed with stunning natural beauty that also boasts 18 rocky, volcanic islands. It was previously a location reserved for hikers and birdwatchers, but now the secret is out and more and more Brits are choosing it as a holiday location.

Amazingly the islands only have a population of less than 50k people and is located 200 miles to the north-northwest of Scotland.

Diani Beach, Kenya

Enjoy a camel ride on Diani Beach

Most people associate Kenya with safari trips but it also has some of the most incredible beaches in the world.

The best beach is Diani Beach which offers some of the most perfect sandy beaches you can ever find, further more it is still free of crowds.

Unlike the donkey rides found on UK beaches, here you can take a camel!

Sri Lanka

Beaches in Sri Lanka

If a location needed a seal of approval then Sri Lanka has it from Lonely Planet who named it the #1 place to travel in the world for 2019.

Sri Lanka is both affordable and packed with things to do. Whether you are a surfer or an explorer then this location caters for all.

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Dan is Managing Director for Inspire Kent and Choice Group Asia Media Group, which includes some of the biggest media for foreigners in Thailand.

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