Well blow me down, Inspire Kent Facebook page exceeds 1-million reach in last 28 days

No one likes a show-off but we feel like we have earned it and we would like to thank everyone in the county of Kent for using us more and more as your choice platform for finding out what is going on in our county.

Our team works around the clock to work with local business and event organisers to share the best events coming up. We share this via various platforms from website, weekly newsletter to our extensive social networks.

We have 5 different Facebook pages – some are specific regions in Kent – but it is our main Inspire Kent Facebook page that is exceeding all growth projections.

When it comes to Kent media, there is a new kid in town!

Take a look at the screen grab below showing not only did we get in front of over 1-million people (‘reach’) and take note there are only 1.5-million residents in Kent; but over 100,000 people liked, shared or commented on our Facebook pages. THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYONE!

Staggering monthly reach from Inspire Kent Facebook Page

Why not get your business involved?

If you want to get involved in what is happening with Inspire Kent then we would love to show you how much we can help. We will even give your business a free trial so you can see for yourself!

If you are a public or charitable event we will ALWAYS support and promote you for free too.

We only post positive, good news in the community.

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    Dan is Managing Director for Inspire Kent and Choice Group Asia Media Group, which includes some of the biggest media for foreigners in Thailand.

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