Christmas movie quiz: The answers

How did you get on in our 'just for fun' quiz?

So let’s see how you got on. Scores of 15-20 are excellent. Well done! A mark of 10-14 is still pretty good going; 5-9 perhaps you need to make the most of Tier 4 and watch a few movies; 0-4 maybe movies just aren’t your thing. By the way the “these were made before I was born” excuse it not accepted. Some of them were made even before I was born, but they are shown so regularly so that’s not really an excuse.

The correct answers are shown in red, bold and underlined:

1 Which film is this still taken from?

• Home Alone                                            • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

• Home Alone 3                                          • Home Alone 4

2 Extra question: How old was the young star of this movie in real life when it was filmed?

• 9                                                                • 10

• 11                                                              • 12

In all, there were six Home Alone films, but Macaulay Culkin only starred in the first two. He turned 40 in 2020. Frightening, huh?

3 Which film is this still taken from?

• White Christmas                                     • Christmas in Connecticut

• Holiday Inn                                              • Going My Way

4 Extra question: The big song in this film went on to feature prominently in two more. What was it?

• It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas • White Christmas

• Little Drummer Boy                                 • Santa Claus is Coming to Town

The song White Christmas was first sung in the movie Holiday Inn, then White Christmas itself. According to Wikipedia, it’s the world’s best-selling single with estimated sales in excess of 50 million copies worldwide. When the figures for other versions of the song are added to Crosby’s, sales exceed 100 million.

5 Which film is this still taken from?

• Love Actually                                         • Four Weddings and a Funeral

• Let it Snow                                                • Bridget Jones’ Diary

6 Extra question: One of the film’s characters, played by Bill Nighy, records a Christmas song based on a hit featured in another Richard Curtis film. What was the original song?

• All I Want for Christmas is You              • Crocodile Rock

• All By Myself                                            • Love is All Around

Nighy’s character (Billy Mack) is seen to record Christmas is All Around to the tune of Love is All Around from Four Weddings and a Funeral.

7 Which film is this still taken from?

• Miracle on 34th Street                              • Holiday Inn

• It’s a Wonderful Life                                 • Meet Me in St Louis

8 Extra question: What was the angel’s name in this film?

• Gabriel                                                      • Clarence

• Michael                                                     • Loki

Gabriel in the title of at least two movies; Michael is played in a movie of the same name by John Travolta; Loki is played by Matt Damon in the film, Dogma.

9 Which film is this still taken from?

• Miracle on 34th Street                         • Jingle All the Way

• Let it Snow                                                • Carol

10 Extra question: Which actor plays the Santa Claus character in this film?

• Tim Allen                                                  • Edmund Gween

• Richard Attenborough                            • Mickey Rooney

The film shown is a remake of a 1947 classic. In the original, the character of Santa (Kris Kringle) was played by Edmund Gween.

11 Which film is this still taken from?

• The Santa Clause                                      • The Santa Clause 2

• The Santa Clause 3                                    • The Santa Clause 4

12 Extra question: Which actor plays the main character in this film?

• Leslie Nielsen                                            • Ed Asner

• Kurt Russell                                               • Tim Allen

The Santa Clause 4 is a red herring. Only three were made. In fairness, the still could have been from any of the three.

13 Which film is this still taken from?

• A Muppet Family Christmas                     • A Muppet Christmas: Letters to Santa

• A Muppet Christmas Carol                       • It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie

14 Extra question: Which (human) actor plays the main character in this film?

• John Denver                                             • Michael Caine

• Lady Gaga                                                 • Bob Hoskins

All the actors named (with the exception of Bob Hoskins) have appeared with the Muppets in films related to Christmas and all the movie titles are real.

15 Which film is this still taken from?

• Die Hard                                                   • Die Hard 2: Die Harder

• Die Hard: With a Vengeance                 • Live Free or Die Hard

16 Extra question: Which actress (pictured) plays the wife of the Bruce Willis character in this film?

• Bonnie Bedelia                                         • Colleen Camp

• Mary Elizabeth Winstead                        • Jennifer Esposito

The first two Die Hards were set around Christmas. The actress’s full name is Bonnie Bedelia Caulkin and, yes, they are related. She’s Macaulay’s aunt.

17 Which film is this still taken from?

• The Grinch                                               • Let it Snow

• Bad Santa                                                  • Elf

18 Extra question: Which Godfather actor appeared in this film?

• Al Pacino                                                  • James Caan

• Marlon Brando                                        • Robert Duvall

James Caan plays the character of Walter Hobbs, a children’s book publisher. No sign of an Elf 2. It is rumoured that Will Ferrell and director Jon Favreau didn’t hit it off and the contracts stipulate that both would need to be involved in any sequel.

19 Which film is this still taken from?

• Sleepless in Seattle                                    • While You Were Sleeping

• Two Weeks’ Notice                                   • 28 Days

20 Extra question: Sandra Bullock appears with Michael Caine in which (non-Christmas) film?

• The Proposal                                             • A Time to Kill

• Hope Floats                                               • Miss Congeniality

Actor Bill Pullman (seen on the right) seems to specialise in “sleep” films. He also appeared in Sleepless in Seattle.

I hope that the above helped to while away a little time.

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