King Of Tinga Tinga Land at Trinity

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How Lion Became King Of Tinga Tinga Land at Trinity Theatre – 30th & 31st March 2016

How Lion Became King Of Tinga Tinga Land is a show for three to seven year olds at Trinity Theatre. Its writer and director is Iain Lauchlan, the creator of Tweenies. Iain also created Fun Song Factory and presented Finger Mouse.

The story of How Lion Became King Of Tinga Tinga Land is straightforward enough. Banjoko the Toucan flies to Africa to warn all of the animals of danger that threatens their homeland. Deciding a king is needed to ward off danger, a group of jungle animals vie for the job but, when threatened by a pack of hungry hyenas, they realise there is only one animal brave enough to be king, Lutalo the lion.

Every animal has its own story and the musical arrangements that accompany the show provide an authentic African rhythm.

The costumes are designed by Morna Macpherson while the accompanying award winning book by Brian Hill and Matthew Howorth has illustrations by D.W Murray who worked on Cars and Lilo and Stitch for Disney..

Address: Trinity Theatre Church Road Tunbridge Wells TN1 1JP
Tel: 020 7371 8158/8159

Located in the centre of Tunbridge Wells, Trinity is a vibrant theatre in one of the most beautiful buildings in the region, hosting around 350 events a year, ranging from the best in theatre and dance through to the biggest names in comedy and music. It has collaborated with everyone from Steven Berkoff to the National Theatre, as well as hosting a truly diverse range of international performing arts, film and visual arts. With some 90,000 people coming through its doors each year alongside a dynamic programme of participation for young people, it is acknowledged as one of the leading venues in the South East.

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