Fort Amhurst

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Fort Amherst is Britain’s largest Napoleonic Fortress and is based in Chatham, Kent and boasts over 300 years of military history providing a great family day out. Located in 20 acres of splendid parkland, Fort Amherst has historic buildings, gun emplacements and a labyrinth of underground passageways for you to explore!

The tunnels are one of the most popular features at Amherst and tours are run every day from 11:00am until 2:00pm. The tunnels were used during the Napoleonic times primarily for shelter but also for storage. During the Second World War the tunnels had a strategic importance as they were used for a base of operations. All of this is explained on the tours and which are highly recommended so as you fully appreciate the tunnels in all of their splendour.


Of course Fort Amherst is not just renowned for the tunnels but is regarded as one of the most haunted locations in Kent. Ghost tours are run on certain days of the month costing just £10.00 per person but are not suitable for children under the age of 8. The tours will initially take you through the tunnels and then up to the upper reaches of the fort where every nook and cranny has been the scene of something unexplained!

Paranormal Investigations for the Daring

For the more daring of you, you could join one of the early hours Paranormal Investigations! The tours are run by the resident medium Richard Ware and start and 8:00pm and finish at 3:00am costing just £35 per person. During the tour you will make contact with the spirits and take part in activities such as séances, table tipping and dowsing. You will also visit parts of the fort that are not generally open to the public. For the tours you are expected to bring a torch.
For more information about Fort Amherst you can visit the website: or call 01634 847747.

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